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Creative Connections

Connective produces boundary-breaking creative content that connects people. 

Every project offers an original approach to explore the space and overlap between fiction and non-fiction.

Creative Director 
Nidal  Q. Harvey

Understanding a story, seeking the powerful theme behind it and finding the best way to tell it is what I do.

Fictional narrative or documentary based, I always look for the most effective and moving way to tell a story, using storytelling through screenwriting, camerawork, and editing. 

I have honed my skills working in France with Production Companies, Festivals, Cultural Centers, Non-For-Profits, to create and produce story content for specific projects, platforms or needs. I have been awarded Best Storyteller by the Storytelling Center (La Maison du Conte) in Paris, France, one of the most active and innovative places in storytelling.

My writing work has given me a solid sense of structure.

My stage work has given me a great understanding of emotions. 

This background has allowed me to approach filmmaking from a unique perspective.

I am passionate about intimate and powerful stories. My whole career has been about exploring innovative and creative ways to tell such stories.

You Dream

"You Dream" is an interview based project collecting people’s dreams.

The project focuses exclusively on the narrative, and delivers a non-fiction interview of a narrative purely produced by people’s imagination.


Iva Gocheva

Iva Gocheva is a Bulgarian Born - New York based actor and a filmmaker. Her short film Sunday that she directed won best narrative short film at the 2014 Woodstock film festival. Her other short film Porcupine co-directed with Sam Fleischner premiered at BAMcinemaFest in 2015. Some of her last acting credits include the indie sci-fi film Embers starring alongside Jason Ritter.

Targeted goals during fellowship:

                     + Sharpening the visual concept through set and editing

                     + Developing a communication strategy to reach out to dreamers and collect their dream

                     + Collecting and producing over 30 dreams

                     + Developing and applying a social media strategy 

                     + Developing partnerships for production and distribution

The Abstruse Death Anthology


This anthology peaks at death with a sneaky voyeuristic eye.

“The Abstruse Death Anthology” tells the true stories of unexpected deaths, but the writing of each episode takes the liberty to explore what the context of each situation could have been, and seizes every bit of space there is for projection and imagination, without challenging the foundations set by facts.

Note: The episode previewed below was produced in French, however this project is intended to be produced in English.  

Anthony Patellis

ANTHONY PATELLIS is an actor, director, and acting coach, with over 30 years of experience in all three disciplines. He has acted extensively, on stage, in New York City, as well as throughout most of North America. Anthony is a national director for the hit Off-Broadway comedy, TONY ‘N TINA’S WEDDING, and has directed it across the country. On-camera,Anthony directed 40 episodes of the successful web-series, PATTY AND PATTY, and just completed directing 8 episodes of a new web-series, along with a 30 minute pilot episode, of Brittany Portman’s, HOOKED.  

Targeted goals during fellowship:

                     + Budgeting and fundraising to produce the project 

                     + Producing 10 episodes

                     + Developing and applying a social media strategy to release the project

                     + Developing partnerships for production and distribution

When Was The Last Time You Did Something For the First Time?

This is a collection of First Times:

a series of snap interviews of people sharing their latest first time,

and a series of fiction shorts, each being an independent story with beginning, middle and end, presenting a character who faces an unexpected first time, or an expected first time that unfolds in an unexpected way.

Roman Sotelo

Roman Sotelo is a graduate of Pratt Institute's Certificate in Digital Photography and Imaging.

He then advances his studies and took a certificate in Digital Cinematography at NYU and studied at the School of Visual Arts. 

Roman won many awards for his short film called Grief, and is recognized for his unique cinematographer's eye. 

Targeted goals during fellowship:

                     + Budgeting and fundraising to produce the project 


                     + Developing a communication strategy to collect people's latest first time

                     + Producing 5 episodes

                     + Developing and applying a social media strategy to release the project

                     + Developing partnerships for production and distribution



New York City


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