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Nidal Q. Harvey

Video Producer

Understanding a story, seeking the powerful theme behind it and finding the best way to tell it is what I do.

Fictional narrative or documentary based, I always look for the most effective and moving way to tell a story, using storytelling through screenwriting, camerawork, and editing. 

I have honed my skills working in France with Production Companies, Festivals, Cultural Centers, Non-For-Profits, to create and produce story content for specific projects, platforms or needs. I have been awarded Best Storyteller by the Storytelling Center (La Maison du Conte) in Paris, France, one of the most active and innovative places in storytelling.

My writing work has given me a solid sense of structure.
My stage work has given me a great understanding of emotions. 
This background has allowed me to approach filmmaking from a unique perspective.

I am passionate about intimate and powerful stories. My whole career has been about exploring innovative and creative ways to tell such stories.

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Nidal Q. Harvey I (347) 885 5722

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